Malcolm's America Trip

A report on my recent trip over a lot of the Eastern half of America.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


The Summer of 2006 saw the European Coaster Club travelling to a large number of parks around the Eastern half of the United States. The trip would take us from New York, up to Cedar Point in Ohio and then south to Georgia, taking in nine states and about 25 parks.

One of the problems I had with the trip itinerary was that no time was spent in New York except at parks, and as I had never been there before and wanted to incorporate some sightseeing into the trip I decided to stay in the US and make my way back up there.

Fortunately I had a friend in New York who was happy to spend some days with me travelling up from Georgia to his home town. As if 20-odd parks wasn't intense enough, I decided to visit a few more on the way back to New York.

So here's a report of the entire trip, which I hope you will enjoy.

Please take this report in the spirit intended. If you're unhappy with anything I've written let me know and I might change what has been said but based on negative feedback the last time I did this I have no choice but to be a little more careful with some of my observations.

Also, should you like the pictures I've posted and wish to have high-resolution ones then I'm happy to share as long as the reason is a good one!

Lets start at Coney Island


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